The Risk of Making a Counteroffer

The Risk of Making a Counteroffer

You are having a great week; that is until one of your best employees walks into your office to announce resignation. Many managers in this situation will launch into immediate panic and start trying to come up with ways to keep this employee. Making a counteroffer is the first thing that comes to mind; however, this may not be your best option.

Making decisionそれまでは、とても良い週でした。優秀な従業員のひとりが、辞職を申し出るまでは。この様な状況の中では、多くのマネージャーがすぐにパニックになり、その従業員を何とか引き止めようとするでしょう。まず条件を提示することがすぐに思いつきますが、必ずしもそれが一番良いとは限りません。

Making a counteroffer in order to stop an employee from taking a job offer elsewhere is hardly ever the right thing to do.



Here are a few reasons why that is:


    • The employee was seeking another job for a reason. Although an increase in income is often a major motivator, other factors are also considered when someone is looking to leave their present job, including personality conflict, boredom and general dissatisfaction. All of these issues are bound to resurface eventually. Therefore, you should refrain from making a counteroffer to keep an employ that is dissatisfied.その従業員は何か理由があって他の仕事を探しています。主な転職理由は、収入の増加ですが、職場に馴染めない、退屈しているなど一般的な不満が他にもあるはずです。こういった問題がすべて一緒になって、最終的に表面化します。そのため、条件を提示してその従業員を引き止めるのは慎むべきです。
    • The employee was already receiving fair compensation from you. It is important to pay your employees competitive salaries always, not just when they are considering resignation. Salaries should be set based on objective market data, not in reaction to someone who wants to leave.その従業員は、すでに公正な給与を受け取っているはずです。ここで重要なのは、従業員たちが離職を考えている時だけではなく、従業員たちに対し日頃から競争力のある給与を支払っていることです。給与は、客観的な市場データに基づき設定されるべきであり、離職を引き止めるためのものではありません。
    • Other employees will get the wrong idea. Word will inevitably get around that the way to get more money is by threatening to resign. Before long, you will have employees lining up outside your office door with resignation letters in hand. You do not want employees having a foot out the door just to get more money out of you.他の従業員たちに間違った考えを植え付けます。辞職を匂わすと給与が上がるという噂が、当然周りに広まります。すぐに、あなたのオフィスの前には、辞表を手にした従業員たちが列をなすでしょう。給与の増加だけを求める従業員たちで、オフィスの前がいっぱいになるのは避けたいですよね。
    • Your relationship will be forever changed. If you persuade an employee to remain with a counteroffer, that employee can no longer be trusted as part of the inner circle. You become the employer that had to be threatened in order to get what he or she wanted. In addition, research shows that seventy to eighty percent of people who accept counteroffers are either let go or leave anyway within a year.従業員との関係性が、その時点から変わってしまいます。条件を提示して退職を希望する従業員に残留を説得した場合、もはやその従業員を企業の一員として信頼することはできなくなります。あなたは、従業員に脅された上司なのです。さらに統計によると、条件を受け入れた従業員の70~80%は、いずれにせよ1年以内に解雇または辞職しています。

This does not mean that sometimes making a counteroffer will work for the best. However, such cases are generally an exception to the rule. At the very least, remain cautious and consider all of the downsides before you make a counteroffer.


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