Questions You Should Avoid Asking a Job Applicant

Questions You Should Avoid Asking a Job Applicant

Your biggest weakness when you are looking to hire the best employees could be the questions that you ask. Many of the questions that hiring managers commonly ask are not helpful in determining how well someone will perform a job. As opposed to finding the best candidates for the job, they instead find those who do a good job of selling themselves during job interviews.


Job interviewSmooth Talkers Are Not Always Good Workers

Unfortunately many people out there that are not getting hired simply because they are not as persuasive as others. Generally, the interview can work against you finding the right job candidates. The reason for this is that people who are more sociable with pleasing physical traits, such as nice teeth, are better practiced at interviewing because biases already present are amplified. Simply put, people are more likely to hire people that they would be comfortable hanging out with outside the office.

While it is important for employees to be civil, it is possible to rely too heavily on that fact. Instead, the focus needs to be more on whether or not the person as the skill set that will allow them to perform the job well. Unfortunately, there are a large number of people out there that all though liked by many are not especially competent.

Steer clear of hypothetical, cutesy and casual questions during the job interview. Instead, you will be much better off if you ask all of the candidates steady, tangible questions. As they are actually related to the position for with you are interviewing.

Base the questions that you ask on the qualities that you find appealing in your current employees. The same skills that make people good in an interview, such as being incredibly well-spoken or extroverted. These may not be the skills necessary to perform the job well.

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