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We`re hiring.  New waves of incredible talent are constantly flooding the job market. The opportunity for growth is extremely important to workers, especially young professionals, and recent graduates. As a matter of fact, one report recently found that as many as 40% of the employees surveyed reported that a company’s commitment to professional growth greatly influenced the satisfaction they felt for their job.

If your company is interested in attracting and retaining young talent, professional development has to be a top priority. In addition, you need to be focusing your marketing efforts on candidates who seek the beginning of their career. Your strategy for employer branding should be designed to attract young professionals and recent graduates who are full of ambition.


Target Hiring – Keep the Message Clear

You must have a clear strategy for your employer branding that effectively delivers an attractive, consistent message. Begin by defining the candidate personality that you want to target, for example, is a diverse group of graduates. Next, do adequate research to determine that such candidates believe to be the most important.

For instance, millennials all want to find what they consider to be meaningful work. They believe that social responsibility is important and they want a career with plenty of opportunities for growth. Therefore, this needs to be the foundation of your message. Highlight the company’s dedication to charity, educational courses that are offered and reimbursement for tuition fees. You should also point out that your employees find their daily activities to be rather meaningful.

In addition, you need an online presence that is consistent with your branding message. Companies often find themselves under a microscope and your presence online is often the first impression that candidates will have of your company.

With a consistent, clear branding message, you will be able to reach out to individuals seeking jobs through a wide range of online resources, including external job boards and your company website. This makes it possible for you to build a strong presence online.

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We`re hiring

However, your branding message should be only a part of your strategy for attracting young talent. It is vital that you communicate with your human resources department, marketing department and other associated stakeholders in order to set out a recruitment campaign that is going to effectively spread brand awareness consistently. After all, consistency, clarity, and potential for growth are the top priorities of young talent just making their way to the job market.

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