About Us

Stepfirst specializes in talent acquisition solutions including recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). Our extensive experience spans businesses of all sizes, enabling us to deliver exceptional services tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Stepfirst is a service of TAO Group. Our company was originally founded in 2007 and our Japan office opened in 2009.

Recruitment can be a lengthy and complex task. Particularly for those who are not regularly involved in the recruitment process.

We take pride in our distinctive approach, and we relish the challenge of understanding our clients organisation, process and culture and working together to find workforce solutions to drive their business. We try to ensure we deliver the best service possible for our clients.

Our Values

Excellence: We place great importance on providing the best possible recruitment service.

Passionate: Delivering a truly professional and honest service to both the clients we serve and the candidates we recruit.

Customer focus: We understand the importance of communicating, listening, and learning to improve the services we provide.

Innovation: We are committed to innovation to improve our service, whether this would be through better training methods, greater creativity, refined processes, and/or improved technology.

Our Mission

To help our clients succeed by providing innovative and customized talent acquisition solutions that reduce their recruitment costs, delivered with excellence, passion, and customer focus.