Success in Network Marketing Recruitment

Success in Network Marketing Recruitment

According to a survey done by Right Management in 2010 that spanned over the course of three years and over 59,000 candidates, most people are still finding new job opportunities through networking. The survey discovered that as many as 41% landing their position through networking. That is almost twice as many that found jobs through an Internet job board and ten times as many that were successful searching online networks.

2010年、Right Managementが発表した調査結果によると、3年間にわたり志願者59,000人を対象に調査を行った結果、ほとんどの人たちがネットワーキングで転職先を探し続けていることがわかりました。そのうち41%もの人たちが、ネットワーキングを通じて雇用先を見つけています。これは、インターネット求人情報掲示板の2倍、オンラインネットワーク検索の10倍の成功率です。

Knowing How to Network

Desk with Tools and Notesネットワークの利用方法を把握する

The fact is that many of the best job openings are never posted on job boards, online or offline. The only way some positions are filled are through word of mouth. For this reason, networking is one of the best solutions to find the job that you want.


Unfortunately, many job seekers fail to take advantage of this approach because they do not want to come off as annoying, pushy or self-serving. However, networking is not using others or promoting yourself aggressively, it is relationship building.


You may not realize it, but you already know how to network. All that is involved in networking is getting to know people. In fact, you engage in networking everywhere you go all day long. When you strike up a conversation while standing in line at the supermarket, when you introduce yourself to other parents at your child’s school, when you chat with a co-worker or gossip with your next door neighbor, you are networking. Everyone you encounter has the potential to further your job search.


The Benefits of Networking


Networking is your best option for finding more employment opportunities for a number of different reasons. People are more apt to want to business with people that they know and people that they like. However, a resume and cover letter are too impersonal for potential employers to have the chance to get to know you.


Posted job listings have a tendency to attract a countless number of applicants. This means that you will be in intense competition with several other who want the same position. Networking allows you to be a member of a much smaller candidate pool.


As previously mentions, some jobs are never posted at all. Effective networking can provide you with valuable information and job leads before a formal announcement is made.


Networking will take more nerve and planning than on online job search, but it is much more effective. Connecting with others and helping them in good times and bad will help in making connection in your field of expertise, keep you motivated and help you find your ideal job.


The Risk of Making a Counteroffer

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