The Real Cost of Online Recruiting

The Real Cost of Online Recruiting

One of the most difficult aspects of running a successful business is hiring employees that are competent and efficient. The conventional approach is advertising opening within a company via a job posting. This method is effective in the proclamation of the available positions.

However, the result of this approach is a huge number of applicants, both qualified and not, all mixed together. You have to take the time to week through them all to find a candidate that will suit your company and be able to get the job done right.

Although there is no question that online recruiting is one of the best ways to find job candidates, it is possible to improve your search considerably. The process of spending a great deal of time reviewing the applications of unqualified candidates to find those that will fit in with your company can be reduced with the right kind of emphasis.

Recruitment Qualification Mission ConceptOnline recruiting works by using the influence of the Internet to match people to a number of different jobs. Essentially, it focuses on advertising vacancies on company websites as well as job sites. On the very basic level, it is effective at obtaining a high number of responses.

Print Advertisements

Even though online recruiting can produce hundreds more applicants than conventional print advertisements, attracting applicants is only part of the process. In fact, currently effective online recruitment is as little as ten percent of corporate hires.

Online recruiting costs much less than traditional printed advertisements do, which is especially beneficial to smaller companies. You have a couple of options with online recruiting, including a subscription or a one-time charge. This means that you can place the job posting online at a specific time or pledge to have a predetermined quantity of the advertisement run within a set time frame at a discounted price. With the time and money that you save on designing and printing, online recruiting is without question the most cost effective solution.

In addition, time can also be saved through a process of pre-selection, significantly cutting the cost of HR because less time is necessary for the interviewing stage of the recruitment process. This way, your HR staff will have more time to do work that contributes to your organizations productivity. Therefore, not only does online recruiting save you money on the cost of advertising, but also if done correctly, will cut down on the amount of time put in by your current employees to add to your team.

Job Fairs for Successful Recruiting

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