Social Media Recruiting

Recruiting issues on Social Media

THE POTENTIAL PITFALLS SOCIAL MEDIA CAN CAUSE FOR RECRUITERS Social media is a critical component in today’s world, not just […]

Social Media

Social Media Recruiting

THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN TODAY’S RECRUITMENT One time ago when a person was looking to be hired by […]

Artificial Intelligence Jobs

Artificial Intelligence Jobs

WHY HR SHOULD BE READY FOR AI As Artificial Intelligence Jobs increase and wages have become stagnate, productivity is falling […]

recruitment technology

Recruitment Technology Helping Companies Hire

How recruitment technology is helping companies recruit talent Technology is everywhere we look, from the phone we have in our […]

Business Technology Growth

Business Technology Growth

In this day and age, can a business thrive and grow without utilizing the newest business technology? Sooner or later […]

Smart Recruitment

The Future Of Smart Recruitment

The Future Smart recruitment technology is constantly changing at a faster rate and the way a business runs changes equally […]


Chatbots For Recruitment

HOW WILL CHATBOTS IMPACT THE RECRUITING INDUSTRY? Chatbots are being used in many industries today, including digital marketing, retail, and […]

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Improving Recruitment

HOW CAN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE IMPROVE RECRUITING METHODS Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most discussed topics in the world […]