The Recruitment Game Changers of 2015

The Recruitment Game Changers of 2015

There is a substantial amount of change and impulsiveness in talent management. Fortunately, there are also countless of studies, reports and statistics to help direct you. Above all, attention needs to be paid to three precise trends, which are changing the game in talent management.


The Arrival of Millennial Employees

Recent research states that the millennial generation, which are those between the age of eighteen and thirty-four, will move baby boomers from the top spot as the largest generation in 2015. This means that the members of Generation X have been surpassed and are not even expected to be larger than baby boomers for another dozen years.

Therefore, the millennial generation is no longer the future of the workforce. They are in fact today’s workforce.


Game Changers WantedSelf-Determination Desired in Modern Workforce

Studies indicate that the members of the largest generational group do not want anything from their careers. They are not a generation of career existentialists. However, they do desire jobs as well as a great deal of the usual frills.

However, only a small percentage are looking to climb the corporate ladder. In fact, most are looking for freelance work or setting up their own business in a small amount of time. This generation is one of entrepreneurs who are independent and self-determined. They have no interested in being chained to any organization in a conventional employer-employee relationship.


Hiring Online Freelancers is faster than Tradition

It comes as no surprise that it is faster to hire a freelancer online than it is to hire an employee in the traditional manner. However, many people do not realize just how much faster it really is to use such methods.

On average, it takes only three days to hire a freelancer. On the contrary, it can take as long as a month and a half to hire a traditional employee. Therefore, the method of resourcing freelancers is several times faster than the traditional methods of hiring.


The Time for Change

When all of these trends are combined, the recruiting game changes. Entrepreneurial millennials are now making up a large portion of the talent pool. Employers are no longer able to attract the best candidates by offering in-house positions with little flexibility. As a matter of fact, the increasing shortage of talent is evident that finding permanent talent is actually quite difficult these days.

In order to survive, organizations must become more open to independent, temporary, self-determining talent. By making the move to a solid mix of freelancers and employees, the full potential of today’s pool of talent can be unlocked.

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