Top Tips to Passive Recruiting

Top Tips to Passive Recruiting

Often times, the best candidates to fill a position are not the ones actively seeking employment. These people are referred to as passive candidates. They are gainfully employed, reasonably satisfied; however, they just may be willing to accept an offer that is more attractive.

Passive candidates are not as passive as you may think. Just as active candidates are willing to listen to what you have to say, so are those that are passive. The main difference between the two is that passive candidates are much more selective.

Passive recruiting requires employers to be more active, yet it is well worth the effort. It is important that you understand where to find this hidden talent, how to approach them, get your business in their sight and ultimately recruit them to join your team.


Top TipsTap Into Your Own Applicant Tracking System

You may not realize it, but you already have an excellent database that is full of passive candidates. Simply go back in your applicant tracking system a couple of years. Use people search engines and social networking to find out what old candidates are currently doing.

Even if they are not presently looking for a new job, candidates who have applied in the past are almost always willing to talk to you. Often, you will learn that although they may not have been a good fit a couple of years ago, they have had time to improve their skill set and gain valuable experience.


Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Being pursued as a valuable component in the marketplace is an excellent boost to a person’s ego. Therefore, simply recruiting passive candidates is a great way to consider the opportunity that you have to offer.

You get the upper hand by making a great first impression. However, keep it honest and genuine. Do not be too spammy in your recruitment of passive candidates or they will not take you seriously.

Mistakes to Avoid During The Hiring Process

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