Automated Technology Growth

Machine Technology

Most people will admit to feeling a little nervous about automated technology and the idea of a machine doing a job that was once done manually by a person.

Automated Technology

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This is probably down to the fear of that machine actually taking a person’s job away, but the truth of the matter is that more and more businesses are choosing to look towards automated technology to make them more productive, and therefore more profitable.

Automated Technology Does this come at the cost of a person’s job?

In some ways, yes, but the rise of automated technology has actually caused more jobs to become available in other parts of a business, e.g. IT, HR, and customer services.

These are areas which will always require people, and jobs which cannot be done by machines or robots.

There really is nothing to fear when it comes to the dawn of increased automated technology.

Companies looking to implement such measures should reassure employees and keeping them involved avoiding decreased morale and staff leaving.

Growth Depends on Progression

The bottom line is that automated technology can and does increase a business’ overall productivity level, and this equates to profits.

A machine programmed to cut machine parts can be done possibly ten times faster than a human could do manually.

The ability to create more parts in less time, and with less room for error, means a far higher amount of productivity for that individual business.

More productivity equates to more profits, but it also equates to more business to allowing grow and creates more opportunities in the future.

Jobs Disappearing From Automation

There is always a fear of jobs disappearing, but the fact remains that business growth in itself will create jobs in other areas and departments.

It is impossible for a business to grow and develop if it doesn’t take advantage of new technology and utilize it in the best way possible.

Guiding staff through changes and having a firm plan of action in place will calm any transitional waters and give real direction.

A company that fails to do this will quickly be taken over by the competition and eventually fail.

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