Branding that Attracts Top Talent

Branding that Attracts Top Talent

Acquiring talent is becoming more and more difficult. Today, companies are under considerable pressure to lure new talent types. The rate of diversity and globalization these days is unprecedented. Organizations are entering labour markets where they may be perceived in a different way than they are in their primary markets or completely unknown.

A recruitment manager has to hire candidates that have skills that their brands never intended to attract. This must also be done in unfamiliar geographies. In order to keep up, recruitment must evolve the employment brand so that it will attract the newer generations. By branding to attract top talent, you will be able to hire more people with the ability to adapt to and drive change.


Businessman Brainstorming About Branding StrategyBlending In With the Masses

All too often, a company will focus its branding efforts on promoting the business as a great place to work. They use marketing principles that make the organization as alluring as possible. This involves a core brand with messages that are universally appealing and will sell the most captivating characteristics of the company through all the popular channels.

With the large number of offline platforms and social media networks that firms are using in this brand for appeal strategy, potential applicants have access to an extraordinary amount of information for making their decision where to apply. Research indicates that as little as twenty per cent of the influence to apply comes from organizational communication, such as job postings, social media and career websites.

The remaining influence comes from sources that companies do not control. Within the last ten years, the number of available contacts has increased by a substantial amount. Because of this, a universally appealing brand will often go without notice.


Change Your Approach

It is important to make an applicant’s decision to come to work for you as easy as possible. This means using a better branding strategy that focuses on influence rather than appeal. When you brand for influence, you will effectively persuade the best candidates to apply while deflecting the rest. Applicants receive reliable guidance that will help them make the decision to apply rather than simply proclaiming the organization as a nice place to work.

Move away from the blanketed core message and instead target the exact employee segments and geographies. Shift the focus of your message from selling to consulting. Finally, focus on internal and external influencers who will share your branding message in order to achieve maximum impact.

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