Does Poor Grammar on Resumes Matter?

Does Poor Grammar on Resumes Matter?

Many recruitment managers wonder how much attention should be paid to the grammar and mistakes on a candidate’s resume. The fact of the matter is that great attention should be paid to such errors. Someone who is searching for a job knows that they need to impress the person that is doing the hiring.

Now, if a face-to-face introduction occurs first, it may not matter quite as much. However, it is very rare for a candidate to meet with a hiring manager prior to submitting a resume. Most introductions take place on paper. Therefore, grammar mistakes cause problems. A resume that is edited poorly shows the candidate at the least does not pay attention to detail.


ResumeCommunication Skills Not Up to Par

The sad truth is that many of the new job seekers hitting the workforce do not have a proper education when it comes to written communication. Generation-X and Generation-Y job candidates are used to texting in shorthand, which actually impedes their professional communication skills.

Many employers share in this belief. However, a number of recruiters think that the reason for poor communication skills is due to the failure to obtain adequate higher education.


Paying Attention to the Details

Some typos are made on purpose in order to catch attention. It is true that such mistakes on a candidate resume would draw attention, just not in a positive way. While being detail orientated is not a primary requirement of many hiring professionals these days, it is still a major attribute to possess.

The current worth of a term is not the main concern. A candidate with the ability to pay attention to the details of their resume is certain to pay attention to a company project.

As a hiring professional, you are surely going to see resumes come across your desk that contains grammatical errors, misspellings and a list of other mistakes. This should send up a red flag that the person who submitted the resume does not pay attention to detail. When you see mistakes, it is often you do not make the hire or schedule an interview.

The most important sale that a job candidate will ever make is selling themselves to the hiring manager. If they are unable to pay close attention to the details in order to make this sale, then you cannot expect them to pay proper attention when it comes to dealing with the customers of your organisation.

When you make an initial scan of the resumes that you receive, look for these typos and grammatical errors. This will tell you just how badly the person wants the job. After all, if a job candidate does not care enough to make the effort to submit a flawless resume, they obviously will not care about the work that they will be expected to do if hired.

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