How to Measure Your Recruitment Marketing Success

How to Measure Your Recruitment Marketing Success

Without question, the simplest method for measuring the success or your recruitment marketing activities is obtaining information about the way that your candidates come in contact with you. For instance, when a candidate applies for a job, they should be prompted to provide certain facts, such as where they first saw the position advertised.


Identify Your Most Effective Marketing Outlets

It is very important that the questions that you ask are appropriately phrased. This will help you determine if the candidate found you through an advertisement in the newspaper, by visiting your recruitment website or through an email that they received. By doing this, you will be able to know which of your efforts have the greatest effect.


Businessman hand working with new modern computerUse What You Learn To Distribute Your Marketing Funds

Once you are aware of the methods that candidates are using to find your job listings, you will be able to determine where you need to spend more of your budget and where money is being wasted. Marketing of any kind is about earning a maximum return on the money that you invest. By measuring your cost per placement, you will be able to make the most informed decisions in regards to your candidate attraction strategies.


Review and Refine

Just because one method is working for you now does not mean that the same method will work next month, next week or even in the next few days. For this reason, you need to measure your recruitment marketing success often. Review the data that you collect and make adjustments to your strategy whenever it becomes necessary. By doing this, you will be able to focus your efforts on the most effective areas at all times.

Create a system for measuring your success and maintain it. After all, once you learn to measure, you will be better equipped to manage.

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