This Years Most Savvy Recruiting Techniques

This Years Most Savvy Recruiting Techniques

In a world where the talent pool is constantly shrinking, it is important now more than ever for recruiters to know how to effectively reach out to and engage with prospective job candidates.

Relevant Content

It is time to move away from wide ranging, big budget recruiting techniques. You should no longer have the goal to reach out to everyone in hopes that a small percentage is going to respond to your job opening. Instead, you should be taking an approach that is more finely tuned. Reach out with messages that will appeal to the candidates that you want to attract.

Obviously, you do not want everyone to apply for your job opening. Therefore, you should not advertise to everyone. Take the time to find the people who have the skill sets you require. Find out where they like to spend their time and reach out to them with a relevant message.

A concept of recruitment process. A hand is choosing the right icon as a concept of the right candidate.

Relationship Building

With many people entering the work force constantly engaged on their many different devices, it is no problem raising awareness. However, moving from awareness to effective engagement is more of a challenge.

You must nurture leads depending on the job in a personal way. There is absolutely no way to substitute personal engagement, especially when it comes to recruiting.

Enhanced Experience

Hiring and recruiting today means adopting new technologies. People still work in very much the same way. However, instead of browsing the local newspaper, they are looking at online job boards.

The funnel approach to hiring is not designed to provide the best candidate experience. While you do want a large number of qualified people in the candidate stage, you only need a few people in the applicant stage.

Since the applicant stage is the most costly, it is important to avoid turning off candidates with a bad experience. The solution is to build a long term relationship with your candidates.

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