How to Recruit and Hire the Most Qualified Employees

How to Recruit and Hire the Most Qualified Employees

It is easy for employers to figure out who is right for a job with their organisation and who is not. The key is to find people that are a match for the job. This can only be done with a recruitment and selection program that is well structured. The secret to creating such a program is to stick to a proven process for the vacant positions. Do not give into the temptation to skip over certain steps and shortcut the process, which will only lead to short-changed results.


Accurate Job Descriptions

The initial step is to make certain that the job description for every available position within your company is as effective as possible. These descriptions need to reflect careful thought according to the roles to be filled, the necessary skill sets, important personality attributes as well as relevant experience in order to differentiate candidates from one another.

This sounds like a pretty basic detail. However, it is surprising just how many companies fail to create and update the job descriptions for their organisations.


Head hunterA Success Profile

In addition to your job description, you also need a success profile for the ideal candidate for the most important positions within your company that will have an effect on the implementation of your business plan. These positions include sales people, team leaders and district managers.

For instance, imagine that you have twenty salespeople already. In that group, there are four who are your top performers, ten who are middle-of-the-road performers and six that do not quite make the grade. If you could change the number of top performers from twenty per cent to thirty-three percent, the impact on your company performance would be rather dramatic.

In order to reach that goal, you will need to profile the people within your sales group in order to identify the attributes and skills that are most common among the top performers that the others do not seen to possess. With this information, you can create a success profile that will aid you in the selection of candidates that will most likely be successful in such a position. Keep in mind that you will not be able to determine if you have found an ideal match if you do not have a specific profile to follow.


Narrowing the Results

When you have a position to fill, it is important to do so as quickly and seamlessly as possible, In order to do that, you have to narrow down the results of your job postings.

The first step is to draft your ad to describe the position and the necessary key qualifications. You will have some who ignore the requirements and respond anyway, but when you include this information, the number of unqualified applicants will be limited.

Next, you will need to post your job ads in the mediums that have the best chance of attracting the attention of your ideal candidates. While the Internet is currently the leading venue for job postings, do not overlook targeted publications for your industry as well as local newspapers.

Finally, create a series of questions for screening phone calls from potential candidates. Make a list of things to ask that will help you quickly identify those who are most qualified, while eliminating all the rest.

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