How to Transform Email Marketing for Recruiters

How to Transform Email Marketing for Recruiters

In spite of the countless new channels of communications that are available for connecting with quality talent, the best is still via email. However, in order to be most effective in appealing to and establishing relationships with ideal candidates, you need to pay attention to your marketing counterparts.

Marketers focus on attracting new customers, while a recruiter is searching for new candidates. It is a marketer’s job to build leads, engage customers and make sales, while a recruiter must create talent pools, engage candidates and encourage applicants.

Even though the increase in the use of mobile devices may have changed the way that people communicate, most individuals still make it a point to check their email often. With more than ninety percent of people who use smartphones reading emails on their mobile devices, email marketing is still one of the best-performing practices.

Therefore, recruiters need to learn ways to improve the process to make certain that their recruiting emails will be opened and read. The key is to incorporate the practices that have proven successful for marketers.


Cropped view of businesswoman using smartphone in office with email marketing iconsGrab Attention with the Subject Line

Over a third of the people who receive emails decide which messages to open based entirely on the subject line. Reference the hiring location, the company name and a call to action to optimize your email subject lines.

Use questions that will prompt engagement from the recipient.  Convey a sense of urgency by only allowing a brief amount of time to act, which will drive the email recipient to immediately take action. Conciseness is also crucial, so make certain your subject line is to the point.

Once your email is opened, keep their attention with personalization that makes your brand appear more approachable. Send a variety of messages based on location, candidate status and job interest.

Adopt the marketing strategies that deliver valuable information to your candidates. Build better talent pipelines by remembering the marketing aspects of recruiting email marketing.

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