Jobs in Japan – Hiring Challenges

Hiring Challenges

Hiring in Japan and the challenges.  From country to country there are both major and minor differences in the way we do business. From mass scale production to working with local craftspeople.  The business we do depends on where we are and the people we work with.

There is perhaps no country on the planet more technologically minded than Japan. Almost every technological advancement or a new piece of kit has some link to this forward-thinking country. But the entirety of Asia is often on the lookout for ways to do things differently.  With one of the main things to pave the way forward to progress.

Shibuya Crossing Tokyo

TOKYO, JAPAN – : Pedestrians walk at Shibuya Crossing,Tokyo. The scramble crosswalk is one of the largest in the world.


The single biggest difference between recruitment in Japan and Asia and the rest of the world is a very international flavor. This is a country that welcomes foreign workers with open arms and understands the different skills and knowledge which can help business growth. Of course, the challenge for those workers is a very simple one – the language. Over time it is hoped that there will be change in this regard. The very fact that the country is opening up to foreign workers is encouraging.

Some of the biggest multi-national corporations on the planet have offices in not only Japan but across Asia. That explains how much of a powerhouse this part of the world is to future business growth. Despite that, the recruitment process in this part of the world hasn’t really progressed in line with the western world, e.g. the US and UK.

Of course, how businesses in Japan and across Asia recruit members of staff very much depends on where they are from. Working visas are not the easiest things in the world to obtain, and this requires a commitment from the company to help with getting the visa.

Almost everything you see is technologically minded, most evidently in Japan itself. Staff, need to be keen, eager to learn, intelligent and focused entirely on the job at hand. They need to have quality technical skills and a problem-solving mindset. The basics of working in this demanding, yet exciting part of the world, with its complete focus on technological development.

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