Unique Places to Find Talent

Unique Places to Find Talent

Over the past couple of years, the competition for top talent has become quite fierce. In addition, close to seventy-five percent of organizations seem to be endlessly searching for the specialized talent required to fill important niche roles.

Locating the right talent for your company requires more than passive job postings. When you know how to target specialized talent, you will find the candidates you seek rather quickly.

As a recruiter, you have to take on the role of shark. It is up to you to catch the top talent before the competition can. Ideal candidates do not hover over job boards until the right job suddenly appears. Instead, they are out networking and leveraging relationships.



One online resource of which you may not be aware is Meetup. While designed for people who want to get together locally, it also provides excellent access to an awesome pool of job candidates with the skills that you require.

Search keywords related to the ideal candidate, such as “tech” to find active groups of people in your area. You may also be able to find meetups that focus on networking professionals and job seekers.


 Find The Right People.


You can also find top talent by following accounts on Twitter that are specific to your industry. Such accounts are created in order to help candidates connect with employers. Look over the candidates that respond, reaching out to those that you want to meet.

You can also join in on some Twitter chats, such as #HRtrends or #NextChat. Take the time to look for Twitter chats that are specific to your industry as well. This is a good place to connect with people, even those who may not necessarily be searching for a new job.


Blog Communities and Online Forums

When recruiting for a position that calls for a certain skill set, check out online forums where individuals discuss industry related issues and share advice with each other. If you need someone with excellent communication skills and a persuasive edge, try looking for topics related to your open position in online blog communities. You just may find one of the authors to be a perfect fit.

The market is not what it used to be and recruiters of today have to be proactive. Posting on a job board is not going to attract the talent you seek with desirable skills. Learn to use the online tools and resources available to find the prospects you need.

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