On the Move with Mobile Recruitment

On the Move with Mobile Recruitment

More and more companies are embracing mobile recruitment. In fact, mobile recruitment is at the top of the list of recruitment strategy trends these days. When you make the process fast, easy and mobile, you provide job candidates with an improved experience and additional methods for applying to a vacancy.


Mobile Career Site vs. Responsive Site

The basic requirement is the optimisation of your career site to fully enable mobile use. You need a simple site that is free from clutter. Keep in mind it will be mobile screens to which you need to cater and they are quite different from those of desktops.

You should consider building a mobile career site as opposed to nothing more than a responsive design. The difference is that a mobile site will be optimised on each page and provide mobile users with a unique experience.


Man showing smartphoneEasy Application

The next thing that you need to consider is making the job application process as simple and mobile friendly as possible. A never ending list will turn off mobile users quickly.

Today’s generation has little patience. Therefore, you need to make the application process instant and simple. One thing you may want to try is a recruitment app.


Consult an Expert

You may not have the expertise or the time to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of mobile use. In some cases, it will be best to hire a mobile expert that will be able to enable the instant incorporation of marketplace changes.


Allow Free Program Usage

Another thing you may decide to try is an investment in free software. Begin to incorporate some technology into your website that assists you as well as the candidate. For example, you can use technology that will allow video interviewing or the viewing of resumes.

Think about mobile recruitment as something that can be used profitably to connect with today’s talent. It is vital that you jump aboard the mobile recruitment train, or else risk being left in the dust.

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