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Recruitment is critical now more than ever for all companies in this digital, technological age. Now information and advertisers are everywhere and virtually every industry has intense competition.  Only the best companies with the most skilled workers that can adapt to the changing times can survive and thrive.

In today’s age, virtually all recruitment is now digital.  Whereas at one-time paper resumes, essays and on-site interviews were the standards in determining whether a person gained an employment position. Nowadays, employers look at a person’s social media profiles to gain insight into that person, his/her skills, interests, aptitudes, and opinions.  LinkedIn is a social media site that employers often use to assess whether a potential employee is a good fit for a company or not.  Social media sites are engaging, updating, real-time indicator of a person’s experiences, skills, and attitudes, something a traditional resume cannot match.

Another source of information about potential hires employers can learn from social media is their online social networks.  Employers can learn a great deal about a potential candidate from their photos, friends, interests and other online information.

Japan Times article – Mizuho Hiring Strategy

While now online methods, including social media, are the main avenue to finding good employees. Using offline methods can still be effective.  Learn about friends, companies, and organizations. This can give a greater insight into who the person is and why he/she does or does not fit into the company and its mission.

A simple offline method that is still effective in bringing in good employees is gaining referrals from current employees.  Chances are high that current workers know people with similar experience or skill sets who may work for a competitor.  And hiring them may give a boost to business.

How To Hire And Attract New Employees

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