Successful Leaders Recruiting Habits

Successful Leaders Recruiting Habits

The recruitment process is more often than not, the first impression that a candidate gets of a company. This process reflects on an organisation’s brand personality and culture. This is your opportunity to seduce and excite the top talent that you want to attract.

The top candidates do not want to work in a dull environment. They are looking for a place that understands them, is full of surprises and challenges while also offering excitement and delight. These people want to work hard and feel appreciated for what they do. This courtship begins with the proper recruiting habits.


Businessman Touching a Chart Indicating GrowthTake Inventory

Take the time to evaluate your current recruiting and human resources practices. Try to look at things from the perspective of a talented candidate who knows nothing of your organisation.

Think about how hard you are trying to connect with such a person. Consider the filtering tools that you are using to target the desired talent. Engage brand influencers and advocates, while taking advantage of social media. Make sure you have the ideal language in your follow up information and employer branding.

Dull branding and shallow content can turn off perspective employees. Take the time to deconstruct your entire process for recruiting from the first posting of a job description all the way down to the final hire. Look for things that you need to change in order to attract the talent that you want. Asking for feedback from those you hired recently can also help you fine tune your process.

Once you have completed your inventory, your recruitment weaknesses should be evident. You now have the groundwork laid and you are ready to start making changes where there is a need. Before settling on any practice, you must first determine if it is going to help you attract the best talent and be an actual reflection of your company.

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