Adding Gamification to Your Graduate Recruitment Plan

Adding Gamification to Your Graduate Recruitment Plan

Your graduate recruitment plan may not be quite as strong this year as you think. Research into the market suggests that employers may have to fight it out for top graduate talent. If you are looking to grab up the best candidates before your competitors are able to get their hands on them, then you may need to turn your focus to gamification.

In the market of graduate recruitment, gamification is established quite well and being used by a number of top companies. Therefore, you need to pay attention to determine if this strategy will work in the best interest of your company as well.



Studies have found that often times, candidates will turn down a job at the last minute. In fact, this happened at an astonishing rate just in the last year. With gamification, you will be able to move through the hiring process at a much faster rate, giving you ample time to engage with the talent that you have in your pipeline.


Improved Engagement

Gamification will facilitate faster engagement than trying to force potential candidates to read page after page of a career website to determine reasons to apply with your company. It will directly engage with talent in a way that they can better relate. The best gamification has the potential to become viral. Thus, by encouraging your users to share among those in their social networks, the level of engagement continues to increase. This opens the door for adaptation into an employee referral scheme as well.

Broadening the Talent Pool

Gamification has the potential to significantly increase the volume of applications from students. While it will improve branding, it can also be used to provide better selection of candidates and improve the overall process of hiring. Best of all, it will address the desire for social media among young candidates.

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