The Downside of Manual Recruiting

The Downside of Manual Recruiting

Recent surveys indicate that only a small percentage of employers take advantage of an applicant tracking system in order to manage the hiring process. In spite of a variety of flaws with these systems and other similar recruitment software applications, it may be in your best interest to adopt the use of them as soon as possible. The reason for this is because studies show that the organisations who do use this type of software for the management of candidate relationships are at least forty percent more likely to be rated best in class.

The improvement of the recruiting process through the use of software is not surprising. Especially, since the traditional methods of manual recruiting does feature a number of annoying pitfalls that will deflect top talent.


RecruitmentThe Problems with Manual Recruiting

There are four primary downfalls to using traditional manual recruitment practices, which include:

  • Disorganized team work between departments – Anyone who has ever been involved in the employer role of hiring in any way has experienced this problem firsthand. In most cases, collaboration is confined to those who have the time to spare. This means that vital personnel, such as team leaders and department managers, rarely take on the primary role they should.
  • Overwhelming and unmanageable email communications – With so many people attempting to work together, email threads become tangled, messy bits of partial information, leading to noticeable silences and conflicting messages. In addition, you typically will have at least one person misusing the reply-all function.
  • Burdensome document storage and access.
  • Difficulty arranging meetings and collaboration trying to get everyone from various departments together for a meeting.

With all of these issues, the recruitment process slows drastically. Therefore, your company will be less responsive to job candidates. Eventually, candidates will flee to more efficient competitors before you can screen a potential employee over the phone.

This does not mean that those who continue to use traditional recruiting methods are destined for bankruptcy. It is vital recruiters maintain a personalised relationship with potential job candidates in order to lure ideal talent. Use the right applicant tracking software in order to avoid the problems with manual recruiting. With the right system, you will effectively reduce hiring time, recruiting costs and administrative duties while increasing hire quality.

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