Tips to Improve Your Talent Pipeline

Tips to Improve Your Talent Pipeline

There is an old saying that the most valuable asset a company has is the employees. Therefore, it is important to invest adequate time and effort in to the creation of talent pools of experienced quality candidates.

When it comes to tracking down the best talent, companies can be quite volatile. All too often, they will wait until there is an immediate need to hire before even starting the search for talent. Instead, they need to be more proactive by designing a talent pipeline that will allow them a list of quality candidates from which they can choose when a need arises.

Develop Your Talent cardIn order to begin the cultivation of a talent pipeline to make certain that he process of hiring is as stress free as possible, stick to these few easy tips:


  • Event Recruiting – Use search engines and social media to find events focused on your industry or ask your growing network of talent about recommended events.
  • Referrals – Create a referral program with current employees of working for your business to their acquaintances and people they encounter professionally, such as at meetings, networking events and trade shows.
  • Internships – With an ongoing internship program, you will have access to suitable talent without a long-term commitment, which makes it possible to try out candidates as you grow your talent pipeline.
  • Local Resources – If your company is based in an area with universities or colleges nearby, you can source young candidates from these institutions to include in your talent pipeline. Build a relationship with the career department and get them to refer students as they enter the workforce.
  • Keeping in Touch – Communicate with former good employees by sending the occasional email or invitation for coffee and share exciting company news. Even if the employee does not come back to your company, they may be more inclined to send other quality candidates to you.

Improving your talent pipeline is a project that should remain ongoing in your hiring department. There is a constant need for highly skilled candidates that are compatible with your company culture. To begin the process for new talent arises, the process of hiring will be much more pleasant. By following these simple tips, you can choose from a group of quality candidates that are always on hand.

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