Uncovering Popular Recruiting Myths

Uncovering Popular Recruiting Myths

Filling an open position within a company can take one week to several months to fill. Unfortunately, following a new hire companies are often not satisfied with the candidate they chose. This leads to an evaluation of the recruitment process in order to locate any potential flaws and develop a fresh approach. However, a large number of organisations have failed to discover that the ideal solution to their hiring problems may be a recruitment firm.

The option of using a recruitment firm is all too often overlooked and misunderstood. In order to determine the purpose of a professional recruiter and the ways your company may benefit, you must first uncover popular myths associated with recruiting.


MYTH: Everyone Is Interested In Working for You

Many companies are working under the misconception that everyone would like to work for them. In all actuality, candidates and companies should not be considered as one-size-fits-all. A recruiter will take the time to get to know a company and its related industry in order to determine which candidates will fit best in with each organisation and position.

Often times, the top candidates are not looking for a job actively. In addition, they are known to make better thought out decisions regarding their career when an employer wants to hire them. A recruiter will get to know the candidates and determine the things that they find most important. This will uncover the things that will motivate the best candidates to accept your job offer.


Myths and facts uncoveredMYTH: Recruiters Keep a Stack of Top Candidates

As previously mentioned, the best job candidates are not usually seeking employment actively. Therefore, they are not likely to become aware of your open position unless contacted by a recruiter directly.

Like a salesperson, a recruiter must connect with individuals if they are going to achieve success. Such as high-quality connections that they are able to focus on proactive and strategic outreach to target the best talent.


MYTH: The Best Way to Attract Talent Is Job Boards

Many organisations mistakenly believe that the status that they hold in the industry and posting open jobs alone will be enough to attract desired talent. However, this approach most often fails.

Applying for jobs online is easy, thus you will be swamped by a growing mound of applicants that do not meet your minimum requirements. With their unique skill set, which includes building relationships, networking, persistence, communications skills and more, recruiters are able to produce the highest quality of results for hiring.


MYTH: Recruiter Fees Are Unaffordable

It is important to understand that you get what you pay for when it comes to recruiting. You should also consider the financial impact of hiring the wrong candidates. For example, the wrong hire could lead to negative effects on your production deadlines, client relationships and staff morale.

Because recruiters make a huge investment of their time in the industry that seeks talent, they better understand your clientele. This means they will research the industry, attend meetings and more to identify the required qualities of the ideal candidate.

You may feel an internal recruitment manager can do the job just as well. However, they are often confined by heavy workloads and limited resources. An external recruiter will take time to understand the skills and experience and seek out the best candidates.

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