Easy Steps to Creating Your Recruitment Budget

Easy Steps to Creating Your Recruitment Budget

It is important for a recruiting team to not only create project plans, but to also create an effective budget. Creating a recruitment budget features several steps, which can often be overlooked when the task is rushed or not properly researched.


Step One: Assessment

The first step in developing a recruitment budget is to assess your present processes and needs. This step should definitely not be rushed. Take the time to determine the number of people that has been hired by your organisation within the past year. Determine the size of your recruitment team and the amount of time needed to get a stakeholder in place. You will also need to determine the number of current employees and tools that are working within your company.


Employee RemunerationStep Two: Researching

Talk to the employees, hiring managers, marketers and human resource personnel in your offices. Identify the goals of each department. Finally, take the time to research webinars and demo products.


Step Three: Planning

In order to create a great recruitment budget, you will need a general plan in place. This means creating a realistic timeline, deciding whether or not to take personnel into account and sorting through categories for clarification.

Negotiate as best you can for efficient training and implementation. Then, identify the projects that you want completed throughout the year.


Step Four: Selling

The main reason for creating a recruitment budget is to have it approved by those at the top. This means you must be able to justify your spending, address your projected results and prove a return on investment for your organisation. You will also need to be able to provide key performance indicators for accountability and show how your budget can also save money.

Creating a recruitment budget does not have to be a difficult task. It just takes a little time. Once you have a proven model, you will be able to use it for supplementary budgets. The key is assessing, researching, planning and selling your proposed budget.

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