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Human Relations.  In the last few years, there seems to be an increase in articles offering statistics about the percentage of the workforce which will be replaced by robots in the future. What you may not have noticed is that this frame of thinking has made it over to the HR and recruitment fields as well. Headlines today say that this software or that tech tool is going to be the replacement for such departments.

If you believe everything that you read, Doomsday is coming quickly. However, there is a perfect solution to prevent being replaced by a robot. Stop recruiting like a robot.


Human Relations Movement


The first step is to stop those hundreds of spam-like messages. Even though you may get a few candidates who reply.  Instead, send informed, targeted messages. This shows that you care enough to do a little research on prospective candidate’s areas of work.

Next, stop treating all of your job candidates as if you have an endless number ready to walk through your door. As an alternative, strive to create meaningful, long-term relationships.

Finally, stop fading into the crowd of unspecified recruiters that are targeting a location, industry or candidate. Instead, create a brand. Therefore, when a prospective candidate comes to you, they will request an email or give you a call.

Business News Daily article: Human Relations Movement: How It Changed Management

When you attend a meeting or event, keep things human. Take the time to talk to people and introduce yourself and your company. Be resourceful, accessible and informative. Always act like a professional.

Once you learn how to stop recruiting like a robot, the reply rate of your emails will drastically increase. More of your calls will be returned and ultimately, you will be able to hire more people. All that is required to turn things around and ensure your future as a recruiter is to act like a human.

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