Hire for Tomorrow with Challenge Based Recruitment

Hire for Tomorrow with Challenge Based Recruitment

As the demand for talented candidates is on the rise, the supply is steadily decreasing. Therefore, it is time to move passed conventional recruitment on to something a little more interesting. The solution to the competition for talent can be found in challenged-based recruitment.


Recruitment Concept - Qualified CandidateA Difficult Time for Recruiting

This is a particular time to be a recruiter for a couple of different reasons. First of all, the economy continues to recover, which means that more and more jobs are becoming available with each passing day. When more jobs are out there, candidates have the opportunity to be pickier in the positions that they choose. This means that employers have to compete with one another to win over candidates.

The rise of millennials and their replacement of baby boomers is another reason recruitment has become so difficult as of late. This generation is forcing employers to take a different approach to recruiting because they do not want the same things that attracted baby boomers. Millennials seek innovation, social responsibility and communication, which is more important to them than the paycheques that they receive.


The New Way to Recruit

Therefore, employers are left in a situation where not only do they have to compete harder for quality talent, but also must find ways to attract the new dominant type of talent. In order to do this, employers must implement referral programmes, strengthen their brands and embrace the idea of challenge-based recruitment.

This is a platform for assessing candidates that moves away from a simple call for the submission of a resume. It provides candidates with a chance to demonstrate their talent and unique skills when completing a challenge. Then, the process of hiring can go on from there.

Candidates of various educations, backgrounds and connections are able to prove exactly what they can bring to the company. This new method of hiring is changing things all across the board.

Jobs in Japan – Hiring Challenges

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