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Hiring Tips for Managers. The headlines today are bombarded with stories about a shortage of skills in the workforce. This means that a large number of employers are facing quite a challenge when it comes to acquiring top talent. However, it is not as difficult to recruit the best of the best if you follow a few simple guidelines.


Hiring Tips for Managers – Offer Adequate Benefits

Take the time to read over your recruiting metrics. If you notice that the problem is in the acceptance part of your hiring process.  The employee benefits that you offer may be the issue. This is especially the case when it comes to unemployment benefits, sick pay and annual sick leave. The fact of the matter is that many employees actually prefer better benefits to a raise in pay.


New York Times: How to Hire the Right Person


Embrace Seasoned Employees

Employees over the age of 50 are overlooked in the workplace constantly. They are urged toward retirement as opposed to developing their careers. However, these employees have a wealth of experience and skills that are all too often left untapped. In fact, employees between the ages of 34 and 54 have been proven to have the strongest work ethic. As the number of retirement-age workers increases, it is time to begin thinking about ways to utilize their unique skills.


Hiring Tips – Engage On Social Media

Hiring Tips – Recruiters are finally beginning to understand the power of social recruitment. As many as two-thirds of recruitment managers are now turning to social media to find potential job candidates. While Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter hold the top spots, sites like Snapchat and Instagram also offer excellent platforms for recruiting top talent. Software is available that will make it easy to post updates and job vacancies. Just make sure to keep track of your most successful sources and engage with the candidates in your networks.

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