Making Your Company Culture More Attractive

Making Your Company Culture More Attractive

While research shows a wide range of interesting recruitment trends. However, one of the most fascinating trend is the considerable importance of hiring efforts that exhibit employer branding. More than two-thirds of employers highlight their company culture in their hiring efforts. This means that they are using it as their primary strategy to attract premium talent.

Since highlighting company culture has become of such great importance in the recruitment market, it is vital that managers become aware of some tips that will help their company cultures come across as most attractive. With the right strategy, you will be able to develop and promote a company culture that will help attract and retain maximum talent.


Your Culture is Your Brand cardNot All about Hedonism

If you think that an incredible company culture is nothing more than free cola, fun, beer, parties and company jollies, you are way off target. This type of hedonism is in fact among the least preferred company culture attributes. Minimal candidates consider fun to be an attractive company culture.


Attractive Attributes

The most attractive company culture attributes are none other than transparency and honesty. A large number of top candidates are looking for an employer that is trustworthy above all else. The average worker’s trust seems to have been eroded due to a lack of transparency and broken promises that rose with the recent recession. Transparency and honesty, not parties and alcohol, are the best messages that you can send regarding your company culture today.

Another thing quality that candidates seek is a relaxed and casual environment. If this sounds like your company, this is definitely something that you want to advertise as a virtue. Other attractive company cultures include a focus on families and friendliness. Workers value minimal stress, casual and friendly environments from a company that they can trust.

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