Questions to Ask During Online Recruiting

Questions to Ask During Online Recruiting

Finding the top job candidates to fill important roles within your organization may be much easier if you take your advertisements for those positions online. However, locating, recruiting and hiring the best employees is not as simple as posting a brief job description on a random online job board. In fact, you are likely to have better luck raising a needle from a haystack.

If your goal is to seek out the best talent, you need to stand out and make an impact in the digital world. Fortunately, when you know the right questions to ask, you will be successful in giving yourself a considerable head start at finding the most viable talent that is browsing the Internet.


A laptop with white screen, a writing pad and a cup of coffee are Where Do I Start?

First, you need to define the available position and describe your idea of the right candidate. It is important that you craft your job description carefully in a way that will make it stand out among all of the others. In addition, it is just as important that you showcase the culture and personality of your company. As a matter of fact, this is just as important as communicating the responsibilities and requirements of the job clearly.

It is all too common for people to be turned off by online job descriptions that are excessively clinical and incredibly sterile. You need to be creative and make your job listing unique by allowing the personality of your company shine through it. Additional compelling details that you may want to include are tasks and job title, company overview, job location, qualifications and skills, employee benefits and salary range, contact information and whether the position is part-time or full-time.


What Are The Top Sites?

You will find that there are several websites out there that are career focused and fee based. By using these sites, you will ensure that your job advertisement will reach out to millions of people who are actively seeking employment within your particular industry. Some of the best known sites include Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, SimplyHired and Dice.

Each one of these sites will deliver the responses that you get from potential applicants straight to your email. However, such quality services are not usually available for free.

The pricing structures and fees of each of these sites will vary. Some charge by the click, while others charge flat rates per listing. In addition, some sites charge fees according to location.


Are Free Sites Worth The Money Saved?

There are other sites that provide job listing services online for free. However, the free sites typically come with limits, such as the number of resumes that you will be allowed to view, the search criteria that you are able to use and many other restrictions that will leave you quite annoyed.

In fact, many of the free job listing sites will not even provide potential job candidates with the information they need to contact you. Therefore, it is best to avoid the free job post services. It is important to keep in mind that a well-crafted job description posted on a reputable website is likely to attract the best candidates.

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