Resume Alternatives for Hiring Candidates

Resume Alternatives for Hiring Candidates

Studies have found that more than half of the resumes that are submitted to hiring managers contain lies. Therefore, employers are looking for other vehicles to find the right talent for their organizations.

While resumes are a good way to learn about the candidate’s achievements, experience and skills, they do not allow a hiring manager to learn about behaviour or personality. When sifting through a pile of resumes, it is easy to overlook prized talent because the focus is on schools, grade point averages and internships. Excessive attention paid to such factors will significantly lower the pool of applicants.


Resume on the TableAttitudes, Interests, Personality and Lifestyle

Psychographics help you understand the way a candidate is likely to interact with other people. For instances, if you believe someone may be an overachiever, interview questions should focus on work ethic and career goals.

This method can also be used by performing focus groups, surveys and interviews with your current employees. By surveying your top employees to get a sense of their attitudes and opinions regarding their employment, you can use what you learn to hire likeminded candidates.


 An Online Brand

Take the time to check out LinkedIn profiles, online portfolios and blogs that the candidate maintains. In addition, you may also want to determine if the candidate creates valuable Twitter conversations.

With so much information online, the Internet has become an excellent place to verify a candidate’s fit for your business. Assessing a candidate to determine if they are a match you can check if the person is up to date on the latest industry trends and knows their field well.


 Testing Skills

You will be able to get a more accurate idea of a candidate’s capabilities by requiring a skills test during the hiring process. For instance, if you need to fill the position of copywriter, have the candidate produce an article within twenty-four hours. This way you will be able to determine if the candidate does in fact have the skills necessary to perform well in the position.

Resumes are so out-of-date.  Finding more intelligent methods for evaluating job candidates is critical in the competitive business world of today. With the right assessments as part of your hiring process, you will be able to find the best candidates.

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