Screening Job Candidates Ethically on Facebook

Screening Job Candidates Ethically on Facebook

By now, you are well aware that Facebook is the most popular social media network anywhere in the world. However, many may be surprised to learn that it is also an effective way of recruiting professionals to learn more about prospective job candidates.

As a matter of fact, more than 18 million Facebook users have found gainful employment through the site. However, it has recently come to light that some businesses are learning more about job candidates from their posts on the site than the candidate would like.


Human Resources concept: choosing the perfect candidate for theLack of Equal Opportunity

More than half of the companies will use Facebook to screen new hires. And there are many more lining up to start the same process. By using the site, recruiters are able to research how well a candidate will fit into the culture of a company. In addition, they also learn the candidate’s ability to communicate effectively as well as a number of additional factors based on the candidate’s social media profile.

However, many job candidates are removed from the interview process solely on the basis of their Facebook posts. Poor communication skills that are brought to light in comments and status updates is just one of the things that can cost them a job.

Ethical Screening

Since this method of screening candidates is fairly new, there is not a standard set of established guidelines for ethics. With the right guidelines in place, all candidates will receive a more fair chance when searching for a job. Anyone who is actively searching for a job to keep in mind the great power that social media holds.

Recruiters should only look for the information that a candidate has shared with the public. Finally, inform any applicants that you will be considering information located on social media during the hiring process.

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