Spotting a Potentially Disengaged Hire

Spotting a Potentially Disengaged Hire

With the percentage of truly engaged members of the workforce so low, the recruitment process can be exceptionally challenging these days. Regardless of how positive and intense a job candidate seems, there is a great chance that they were disengaged in their previous job. This means that they had a negative influence and exhibited poor contribution to the organisation.

Without a doubt, there are several candidates out there that seek a company and position that will allow them to be engaged. However, the key is to be certain that the eager candidates you interview will not slip into a disengaged mode once the honeymoon period passes. It is vital that everyone you hire will improve the engagement level of your business.

While it is not possible to be completely sure about each candidate you come across, you can look for certain warning signs that an eager candidate is destined to become disengaged, as opposed to being highly motivated when all is said and done.


Personality Traits of Disengaged EmployeeMoney is the Main Focus

Of course, there is not anything wrong with focusing on money. However, when the focus on money is too great, the benefits may not be evaluated adequately by the candidate.

With such tunnel vision when seeking employment, there are negative aspects that may be overlooked. This will lead to a disengaged employee shortly down the line.


Unaware of Non-Financial Motivators

There has been studies that have shown the rewards of employment are not always money-related. A sense of competence and meaningfulness contribute to the motivation of an employee just as much as the paycheck.

In fact, the most engaged employees are found to be the ones that experience the most non-financial motivators. A candidate that is not aware of the key benefits besides the salary is likely to become disengaged.

Important to enquire the reason a candidate feels that the position meets their motivational requirements than their previous employment did. As you can then understand their motivations and risk a candidate who will leave once the honeymoon period has passed.

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