The Benefits to Hiring Self Motivators

The Benefits of Hiring Self Motivators

As a recruitment manager, you likely spend countless hours persuading and encouraging employees to make sure work gets done continuously. One of the best ways to improve your bottom line is by decreasing the time that you spend motivating and supervising your employees.

In order to get back all of that motivation time, you must simply start recruiting and hiring self-motivators. This way, you will be able to build a team of employees that will automatically do the work that is assigned and even proactively seek out additional work to do.

A self-motivated candidate has a track record of the beginning and following through with tasks without extra rewards or external stimulation. Once you begin recruiting people with such character, you will instantly appreciate the value of this strategy.


Long Term Benefits

Self-motivation is a character trait that people have internally. This means that it is something that is not likely to change. Once an individual joins they will by nature continue to complete work without you having to watch over them consistently. Therefore, the value of hiring a self-motivator can actually be multiplied by the number of years they are employed by your company.


MotivationNo More Hours Wasted

Perhaps the greatest benefit of hiring self-motivated candidates is the fact that work gets done continuously. Therefore, you dont have to worry about wasted hours that employees are being paid for while not fulfilling their potential. Self-motivators work at full speed without any slack or unproductive hours.


More for Your Money

Because these people are internally motivated, you do not have to pay them considerably more than other employees that have the same level of education and experience. In fact, if you do offer supplemental rewards, a self-motivator is likely to take offence.

Once you have decided that hiring self-motivators is the way to go the next task is to identify them. You can do this through employee referrals, or highlight in the job description you require a self-motivated person.

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