London - UK Jobs

UK Economy – Job Vacancies Slow

JOB MARKET IN THE UK SLOWS The British Employer’s demand for staff and Job Vacancies in the United Kingdom has […]

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Japan Jobs Outnumber Applicants

JOBS IN TOKYO OUTNUMBER APPLICANTS Graduates in Japan are dueling it out for top positions, which seems to be leaving […]

Reserve Bank of Australia - RBA

Job outlook Australia

JOB SEARCH AUSTRALIA Reuters Australia recently reported the Australian job outlook employment did well in September. While the job rate […]


Aluminum Die Casting

DEMAND FOR AUTO DIE-CASTING ALUMINUM ALLOY ON THE RISE IN JAPAN The demand for auto die-casting aluminum is expected to […]

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Strategies

Why is Employee Engagement Important One of the top priorities of many business leaders today is employee engagement strategies and […]

Economy - Growing Industries

Fastest Growing Industries

FASTEST GROWING RECRUITMENT SECTORS IN 2020 What will be the fastest growing industries in 2020? Last year, there were some […]

Artificial Intelligence Jobs

Artificial Intelligence Jobs

WHY HR SHOULD BE READY FOR AI As Artificial Intelligence Jobs increase and wages have become stagnate, productivity is falling […]

Companies Hiring

Companies Hiring

How Small Companies Can Compete For Talent Companies hiring that are looking to attract high-quality applicants to their small business, […]

Japanese Cars AT PORT

Japanese Car Brands

Key Facts – Japan Automotive Industry Japanese Car Brands and the automotive industry in Japan is one of the biggest […]

Automotive Future

Automotive Industry Outlook 2019

FUTURE OUTLOOK FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY The prospects for automobile production in Japan are rather mixed. In 2015, the total […]