Companies Hiring

Companies Hiring

How Small Companies Can Compete For Talent Companies hiring that are looking to attract high-quality applicants to their small business, […]

Japanese Cars AT PORT

Japanese Car Brands

Key Facts – Japan Automotive Industry Japanese Car Brands and the automotive industry in Japan is one of the biggest […]

Automotive Future

Automotive Industry Outlook 2019

FUTURE OUTLOOK FOR THE AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY The prospects for automobile production in Japan are rather mixed. In 2015, the total […]

Recruitment Strategy

Recruitment Strategies to Improve Hiring

RECRUITMENT STRATEGIES Recruitment is critical now more than ever for all companies in this digital, technological age. Now information and […]

Social Media

Social Media Recruiting

THE IMPORTANCE OF SOCIAL MEDIA IN TODAY’S RECRUITMENT One time ago when a person was looking to be hired by […]

Social Media Recruiting

Recruiting issues on Social Media

THE POTENTIAL PITFALLS SOCIAL MEDIA CAN CAUSE FOR RECRUITERS Social media is a critical component in today’s world, not just […]

Japan Population Infographics

Japanese Population – Job Hiring

HOW JAPAN’S POPULATION DECLINE HAS IMPACTED JOB HIRING Before the global financial crisis of 2008, Japanese corporations were increasingly hiring […]

Automated Technology

Automated Technology Growth

Most people will admit to feeling a little nervous about automated technology and the idea of a machine doing a […]

Work Diversity

Women Diversity In Male Oriented Industries

Do Women avoid applying for jobs in Male oriented industries because of the application form? Traditionally, industry areas such as […]

recruitment technology

Recruitment Technology Helping Companies Hire

How recruitment technology is helping companies recruit talent Technology is everywhere we look, from the phone we have in our […]